Darn': Eagle cam catches raven making off with egg

Victoria/Sidney Nest


Kristen Thompson

08 April 2010 05:12

An image from the eagle cam at hancockwildlife.org.

People hoping to watch two bald eagle chicks hatch live online got a lesson on the harsh reality of nature when a raven made off with one of the eggs in full view of an eagle cam.

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation installed two tiny cameras in a nest near Sidney on Vancouver Island, and have been streaming the footage on their website.

On Monday, viewers watched live as a raven made quick lunch of one of two eggs while mom was off on errands.

She returned moments later and actually seemed dismayed – throwing her head back and opening her beak – at the sight of the one egg.

Earlier footage showed her and presumably her partner dutifully tending to the nest and two eggs.

Biologist David Hancock, who runs The Hancock Wildlife Foundation, said when he saw the raven with the egg he thought: “Darn.”

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