Spotted: Philly Eagles of the Feathered Kind

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Updated 4:31 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 7, 2010
Bill Buchanan

Real Birds are nesting near South Philly and no we aren't talking about anyone at the Linc. Philidephia eagles are causing some excitement, but it has nothing to do with football.

A couple of bald eagles had beaten high odds and are raising two eaglets in the John Heinz National Wildlife

Refuge at Tinicum. The 1,200-acre federal refuge spans parts of Philadelphia and Delaware County near Philadelphia International Airport.

Having eagles come to the park isn't new but having a pair nest here is a first.

"We've had eagles feeding in this area for a number of years now -- migrant birds," said Refuge manager Gary Stolz.

These birds started building a nest last winter, said Stolz.

"Normally its the second or third years when young birds lay eggs," he said.

The eaglets were recently hatched and first seen on Saturday, Stolz added.


Eagles are normally sensitive to city noise and are known to abandon nests in urban environments, said Stolz. But this pair seems to not be bothered by the planes overhead or trains buzzing by.

The refuge folks tracked the male bird back to somewhere in New Jersey because of a green band on its talon.

The eagles are looking good, stretching their wings and helping out the refuge by eating invasive carp, Stolz said.

The eaglets could be flying in about a month.

And, you can grab a glimpse of the real Philadelphia Eagles.

The Birds are visible from Bartram Avenue, said Stolz. But, there is a better way to see the beautiful birds without stopping traffic.



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