UK Government Creates World’s Largest Marine Reserve

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source: Chagos Conservation Trust

London 01 April 2010

UK Government Creates World’s Largest Marine Reserve - ‘An inspirational decision for nature conservation and for posterity’

 The UK Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, announced today the creation of a Marine Protected Area in the British Indian Ocean Territory (the Chagos Archipelago). This will include a no-take marine reserve where commercial fishing will be banned. The decision follows several years of background research and a three month public consultation on the future management of the Chagos Islands, set out by British Government. More than 275,000 people and many leading scientific and conservation organisations from Britain and elsewhere urged the UK government to establish a strict Chagos marine protected area. 

The Chagos islands (British Indian Ocean Territory) form an archipelago remotely situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. They consist of Diego Garcia (with its UK/US military presence) and 54 tiny uninhabited coral islands spread in 210,000 square miles of ocean. The Territory has belonged to Britain since 1814 (the Treaty of Paris). 

‘Today’s decision by the British Government is inspirational. It will protect a treasure trove of tropical, marine wildlife for posterity and create a safe haven for breeding fish stocks for the benefit of people in the region. Our Trust has worked for the protection of Chagos for 20 years and we applaud this wonderful UK contribution for 2010, International Year of Biodiversity’ - William Marsden, Chairman of the Chagos Conservation Trust. ...


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