11 Rare Siberian Tigers Die

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The Year of The Tiger!!

Eleven rare Siberian tigers have died over the last three months at a zoo - forest parkland in North - Eastern China.

news link of story below...many other news stories about Siberian Tigers being reported world wide...act now, take action and contact WWF - International Fund for Animal Welfare -



Worlfwildlife tiger scientist captures' rare video footage of Sumatran mother tiger and her two cubs - link below -








China has only 50 tigers left in the wild, but it has about 5,000 in captivity. Siberian tigers' died from malnutrition and their deaths' will and are raising inevitably questions about how the animals are treated in China!!

These issues have been discussed for some time, both inside and outside China, but they are being given extra prominence this year - because this year is "The Year of The Tiger"

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