Dedicated Viewers Witness the first Sidney Egg being Laid

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The light was all but gone at the Sidney, BC bald eagle’s nest at 6:38 PM Thursday, March 4th 2010. It was inconvenient but it didn’t stop many Hancock Wildlife Foundation members from staring at their computer monitors in anticipation.
By 3:00 PM Ma Sidney’s behaviour had begun to hint that an egg could be laid soon. As they watched, viewers wrote notes and posted screen captures documenting what they were seeing to the discussion forum for the Sidney bald eagle nest on the HWF website.
“14:52 Ma and Pa back on nest one after the other. No food seen. They're both picking at the nest, digging around beside the bowl.”

”14:54 Ma just chest-planted in the bowl. Both looking around now. A bit of beaking, then more picking at nest materials.”
When she left the nest at about 4:50 PM hopes began to fade. About an hour later Ma was back in the nest and things seemed to be getting serious.
Ma sitting in nest bowl and getting up to dig”
”Ma's making a lot of funny little moves
hi Rose and everyone, yes, many funny moves, like from one foot to the other, over and over. talons crossed for egg by am”
Soaringeagle, I saw the white object at 6:36.....close enough to your 6:35”
Then came the screen capture… mark your calendars, folks, a chick should hatch on the Sidney, BC eagle’s nest on or about April 9, 2010.


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