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Eagle rescued from tangled rope

SAMMAMISH — A bald eagle got a talon tangled in a rope hooked to a dock on Pine Lake in Sammamish, east of Seattle. Neighbors wanted to free the frantic bird but weren’t quite sure how.

KOMO-TV says that’s when raptor specialist Tim Brown stepped in, whistled what he calls “an eagle song” and gently draped a blanket over the big bird’s head to calm it.

It took a few minutes Tuesday to unwind the rope but the bird let Brown work it out.

The wet eagle was still clinging to its intended dinner, a dead duck. It appears the eagle got into trouble bringing its prey ashore.

Brown says he’s pretty confident the eagle is OK but it has been taken to a veterinarian’s office to be checked out. It it’s fine, it will be released.

Information from: KOMO-TV, www.komotv.com/


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