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BY JENNIFER WEAVER • jeweaver@thespectrum.
com • March 2, 2010

CEDAR CITY - A golden eagle was taken to Southwest Wildlife Foundation founder and raptor rehabilitator Martin Tyner Sunday afternoon by a
game warden from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources after it was hit by a car in Delta.

The adult, male eagle, estimated between 5- to 6-years-old, suffered a minor concussion and bruising but something else potentially life-threatening was also discovered in assessment of the injured bird's health - his tail feathers had been
forcibly removed.

"When we pulled the eagle out of the dog carrier it was kept in, the eagle actually had a band on it and so we know the eagle came form Montana, so while I was recording the information from the band, my wife Susan walked up and said,

'What happened to his tail?'" Tyner said. "I turned the eagle over and said, 'Oh, my God,' and every tail feather had been ripped out."

Tyner said this isn't the first eagle he has treated where the tail feathers were missing. He said there are people who prize eagle feathers more than the
life of the eagle and there is a black market for them as well. ...

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Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, March 09 2010 @ 01:59 PM EST Eagle's tail feathers torn out

I cannot belive how much greed has affected humans

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