Wild ARC volunteers needed to help with boom in births

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 Updated: February 18, 2010 11:23 AM


All animals brought to Wild ARC have a story to tell.

From a family of five baby squirrels, their tails tied together in a string of flags, to an owl snared in barbed wire, the volunteers and staff at the south Island’s only wild animal rehabilitation facility have seen it all.


“Pick an animal and I am sure we can find a story,” says Kimberly Reid, Wild ARC care centre co-ordinator. “There are a lot of people that go a long way to get the animals here.”

The compassion from the public is carried through by more than 80 volunteers and five paid staff. Volunteers ensure the centre runs smoothly, from feedings to cleanings. It’s an important job and Wild ARC is recruiting. 

“It really takes so many people to make this place run,” Reid says. “(With more volunteers) the centre itself would run better, which in turn is good for the animals.”

Wild ARC staff care for more than 1,700 animals annually. In 2009, 129 species were admitted – including mammals such as deer to water fowl and birds of prey. “Every year is different,” Reid says. “There is a lot to learn. Every single species needs different care.”

Staff tend to animal’s medical needs, but volunteers are responsible for feeding and maintaining the animal’s habitats. It takes a minimum of 84 people a week, working four-hour shifts, to run the facility. Spring is the busiest time of year at Wild ARC, as the centre is flooded with injured or orphaned babies.

“Given that spring has come unseasonably early, we expect babies will as well. That is why we anticipate needing all hands on deck to help care for those babies as soon as we can” says Angela Kendall, Wild ARC administrator.




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