Bald Eagles Poisoned -- Alberta

Updated: Mon Feb. 15 2010 15:58:18

Four sick birds that were brought to the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation between November 2009 and January 2010 have died from lead poisoning.

Tissue samples taken from the Bald Eagles uncovered the presence of lead and confirmed the cause of death.

The shot that hunters use to bring down deer and game animals contains lead and the birds will eat it along with any carcasses left behind.

‘They come across carcasses, either animals that are not dead yet they've just been wounded, or animals whose carcasses have been left behind, and they're full of shards of lead, and they just dive in there and gorge themselves," said Biologist Dianne Wittner.

Wittner believes that the environment should be lead free and that the deaths could have been prevented.

Wildlife trauma specialists want to do a two year study on the impact of environmental toxins on birds of prey and need a major donor to help with the cost of the project.




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