Local birders catch a glimpse of rare owl

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By Diane Strandberg

The Tri-City News

A rare visitor to the Tri-Cities was spotted by a phalanx of local paparazzi who waited up to seven hours to observe and photograph the exotic celebrity.

Eventually, it was the reclusive dignitary’s white bow-tie that gave it away and the assembled group was able to spot the creature through the trees.

It’s not every day you see a Great Grey Owl, explained local nature photographer Alan Wilson, because they mostly live up north. Only four or five of the northern predators have been seen in the Lower Mainland in the last several years and so it’s a big deal when one arrives.

“It would be called a life for birders in the Lower Mainland because they don’t show up very often.” ...


To see a photograph of the Great Grey Owl and read the rest of this story, please use the following link:


Great Grey Owl seen at Colony Farm Regional Park



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