Eagles nest disrupts Normanton, Karumba power supply

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By Meera Nambiar

Posted Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:01am  AEDT

Ergon Energy says it is not uncommon for large birds to build their nests on top of high voltage lines - but it can cause problems for the power supply.

900 customers in Normanton and Karumba and on surrounding cattle stations were without power for nine hours yesterday - after an eagle's nest on a high voltage line fell onto a power pole.

Supply was restored yesterday afternoon.

Company spokesman Mark Timmerman says a helicopter detected the problem between Croydon and Normanton.

"Fortunately our crews were able to pinpoint the source of the problem ... it turned out to be an eagles nest which had come down on top of a power pole along the 66,000 volt line that supplies that area," he said.

"The eagles nest had dislodged and come down during storm activity in the area."


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