Haines eagle foundation gets healthy donation

Haines Alaska Bald Eagle Nest

Haines eagle foundation gets healthy donation

Before the Haines Bald Eagle Festival ended last month, problems seemed to stack one atop another.

• A Juneau eagle planned for release as a centerpiece of the November festival injured its tail feathers just before it was due to be shipped north, making it unable to fly. Two possible replacements from Sitka weren't healthy enough to be released, either.

• A chocolate eagle expected to be the centerpiece of the festival's "chocolate extravaganza" developed a cracked body that could no longer hold the wings and had to be scrapped.

• A blizzard of wet snow blanketed the area.

But more than balancing the problems was the announcement of a $739,000 gift from a Georgia family of bird lovers to Haines' American Bald Eagle Foundation.

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