Wild hawk swoops in to Vancouver's Science World

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VANCOUVER — A hawk became an accidental, but short-lived exhibit at Science World Monday when it became trapped inside a maze-like sculpture near the facility’s entrance.

The medium-sized bird, known as a Cooper’s hawk, was able to fly inside the Tower of Bauble because netting had been removed so that the kinetic-audio structure could be repaired.

The hawk was unable to navigate its way out of the Tower of Bauble and hunkered down on a high rafter once a rescue operation was mounted.

Science World employees, along with staff from OWL, a Delta-based wildlife rescue society, chased the hawk from the rafter and caught the trapped bird mid-flight in a net.

The hawk was released outside of Science World after Rob Hope of the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society determined the bird was uninjured and could fly.

Hope said the hawk probably could have lasted three or four days inside the Tower of Bauble without food.

More: http://www.vancouversun.com/Wild+hawk+swoops+Vancouver+Science+World/1993307/story.html

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