“Crash” the golden Eagle: Story Update 8/26/09

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08.26.09 - 12:21 pm

On August 4th 2009 a male golden eagle flew into the windshield of a semi-truck traveling down I-80 at 70 MPH. The force of the collision pushed the windshield into the driver’s lap and the eagle now nicknamed “Crash” ended up on the floor of the cab dazed but still alive. Crash should have died on impact, but now after his third visit to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’s Avian vet, Dr. Douglas Folland of Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic, on Monday August 25th, his condition continues to improve.

An examination x-ray of his broken wing shows good signs of healing and Dr. Folland hopes to remove the four wing pins in approximately two weeks. Crash’s eyes are slowly clearing up and both react to light stimulus although he seems to favor his right eye still (left eye received impact trauma from the collision).

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