2 bald eagles fledge in Vt.

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Article published Jul 30, 2009
2 bald eagles fledge in Vt.
Last year, Vermont had just one. This year, Vermont saw two successful bald eagle nesting sites, with two eagles hatching, fledgling and taking to flight.

It was the most successful fledging in Vermont since the 1940s.

One bird fledged from a nest in Concord — in what was a repeat of a successful nesting one year ago — and another bald eagle fledged from a nest in Barnet, according to Paul Hamelin, a biologist with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

Both birds fledged and took to flight last week, Hamelin said. It followed by one year the first successful fledgling of a bald eagle in Vermont in some 60 years.

"Now we have two successful hatchings, two eagles," he said. "We've doubled our nesting population. It says we're on the right track to recovery and, hopefully, a robust eagle population in Vermont."


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2 Bald Eagles Fledge in Vermont

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