This is where eagles dare

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NATURE: The London area has become a "hot spot" for endangered bald eagles
This is where eagles dare

Kathy Rumleski
Sun Media

February 23, 2009  


With a couple of nests within London city limits and others on the outskirts, this area has become "a hot spot" for bald eagles, a conservationist says.


That's good news considering the bald eagle is still on the endangered species list in southern Ontario.

London also is home to about four osprey nests.

"We're probably the Ontario capital (of the two species)," said Peter Read of the McIlwraith Field Naturalists.

"I think it's pretty unique for Ontario, that's for sure."

He is cautious about disclosing the location of the eagle nests because of their endangered designation. One is in the north end of the city and the other is in the northwest.

"The Ministry of Natural Resources is protecting the nests, of course. That's why they don't want it well-known where it is."

Read said people started noticing the activity of eagles in the northwest area within the past year.

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