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Safari in your living room

AFRICAN TELEVISION: South African online broadcaster Wildearth TV offers 'virtual safaris' - live 24-hour coverage of the continent's natural history. Katie Jacobs reports.

Graham Wallington (left), CEO of South Africa's Wildearth TV, knows that for many people, a dream safari holiday in South Africa may have to remain a dream. So he's bringing the safari experience to them, beaming 24-hour live feeds into their homes so they can spend hours on safari, watching wildlife or walking through the bush all from the comfort of their sofas. And now he's keen to partner with wildlife broadcasters worldwide in an attempt to aggregate all live nature content.

Wallington founded Wildearth in 2007 with the aim of broadcasting live wildlife 24 hours a day, with the web video back-end of the site powered by Germany's Zaplive Media. Each day is broken up into nine hours of presenter-led safari, half an hour of bush-walking and the remaining 14 and a half hours spent watching animals drinking around waterholes.

"It's not a documentary, although the presenters do tell you facts," he explains. "It's an experience. When we're driving we film forward, and when we come to a sighting, we turn to the side. We try not to cut between cameras because the human eye doesn't cut. The camera is positioned exactly where you would sit in the vehicle. It offers people the chance to chill out, come on a safari, relax and escape to Africa." This 'virtual safari tour' has so far appealed to about 100,000 unique users, some of which spend up to six or seven hours mesmerised by the sights and sounds of Africa.

Read the rest of the story, including WildEarth's partnership with Hancock Wildlife Foundation here:

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