People near, far honor Eagle Lady Jean Keene

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Jean Keene spoke of her love of eagles in her home last November. She past away a week ago
Jean Keene used to receive letters from children around the country wanting to know more about eagles, and she answered each one by hand.
Longtime friend Deb Leib recalled Keene taking her morning coffee at Land’s End Resort and hefting packets of school letters to go over and respond to.
“She didn’t just feed the eagles, she knew everything about them,” she said.
“Every morning she would be here having coffee and reading the paper. When she had letters, she answered every one of them by hand,” Lieb said. “She was her own woman. She had her values and her thoughts, and she persevered through whatever, the controversy with the eagles for one thing, and with the rest of her life.”
Keene, 85, died Tuesday night after a respiratory ailment, with friends around her. A home health care nurse who came in each day had told Keene she would be more comfortable at the hospital.

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