Paragliders Teach Eagle How to Fly

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Paragliders Teach Eagle How to Fly

MONT BLANC, FRANCE - An eagle raised in captivity learns to fly assissted by a paraglider launched from the top of the Mont-Blanc.
Sherkane is a 14-year-old, 4 kg heavy American eagle born and entirely raised in captivity.

After preparaing for this event for over one and a half years with a paragliding inspector friend, Jacques Olivier Travers, the falconer, was ready to launch off the 4800 high peak for a 40 minute truly amazing experience: man and bird united in flight.

This event raises hopes in the prospect of teaching birds of prey raised in captivity how to fly and for maybe one day reintroducing them into nature.

ABC News

Reference Link (there is an awesome video of the eagle flying on this link): ... &catid=157

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