HANCOCK FORUM NEWSLETTER - Issue No 7 ~ January 23, 2008


Issue No 7 ~ January 23, 2008
Editor: Blue Heaven


This Issue of the Hancock Forum Newsletter is less than usual due to my preoccupation with another matter. However, I am publishing it while the content is current.

Blue Heaven


Sidney Nest
  • Snow on the nest in early December...janner
  • Adult eagle flies past the nest, December 15, 2007...jkr
  • Surprise visit at dusk, 4:50pm on December 22, 2007...queenie
  • Another flyby on January 8, 2008...SharonFeeney
  • Skipper captured Dad visiting the nest at 3:44pm on January 9th .....VIDEO: Eagle Visits the Nest (3:23)
    He plucked every tall stem off the weed in the nest bowl so we aren't likely to see the expected yellow flowers bloom.
    Later that afternoon, SharonFeeney captured an unusual approach to the attic branch:

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A Global Announcement by David Hancock at the top of each forum page will give you lots of information .....Hancock Update on 2008 Bald Eagle Nesting Season Plus!/BALD EAGLES - 2008 - to be another Exciting Year!

Hornby Island Nest
A message from Doug Carrick .....Hornby Update Dec 16. Doug tells us about the activities of Mom and Dad Hornby eagles and observes that Mom and Dad Hornby are visiting the nest but, so far, have not done any nestorations.
David Hancock has since given us the following update on January 9th:
I spoke again with Doug Carrick on January 8, 2007, and he is seeing the birds in the area daily, doing their regular routines. The only routine missing is their nest building activities in the old nest. The birds come into the old nest almost daily, sometimes eat there or just sit around. But they have not bothered to bring in nesting material this year – a different action from other years. Doug is quite certain that the birds are both healthy, hunting and acting normally in all other respects. Perhaps after 20 year of house fixing you simply say, “let's just do it when we have to!!" I can understand that.
Richard and I just talked and we will probably get the new encoders into place in the next two weeks, so the site is live.

Chehalis Estuary
  • Short tempers developed in the Chehalis spawning channel, with fish snapping at each other as it became more crowded.
    Click on picture for video by Blue Heaven:
    image (3:28) Nov 29, 2007 (sound effects have been added)
  • Click on the fish to access the Chehalis River Estuary forum ..... image

Fraser River Boat Tours
  • In December, David Hancock was guest speaker on boat tours on the Fraser River, up to the Chehalis River Estuary, speaking about the magnificent eagles which are abundant on the river in the winter. Excursions with David took place on the 1st and 9th of December.
  • On December 29th, many HWF members were on the tour, including MJH from Washington and jwnix from Louisiana. They have all posted photos and accounts of their exciting day. The Tour included lunch before starting out and the boat was heated and comfortable. David counted eagles enroute - 594 bald eagles!
    imagephoto: Bunnybits
    In spite of the winter weather, beautiful scenery and lots of eagles kept cameras clicking.
    Three juveniles on a branch imagephotos: soph9
  • More pictures and information are in Festivals of Eagles, Birds & Nature/Fraser River Safaris ~ Eagles on the Mighty Fraser River
  • The next date for David as guest speaker is Jan 19th. Contact Fraser River Safari to make reservations.....Fraser River Safari

  • The Goldstream River and Estuary are just north of Victoria, B.C. The Estuary webcam came on in time for Christmas on December 24th. Members have captured all the activity there - eagles are feeding on the salmon; seagulls waiting their turn (while we wait for someone to move the cam on to something interesting); ducks patrol the waters; it rains, it snows, and the wind blows.
  • Adult Bald Eagles out on the estuary.....
    image ....ocean image queenie
    and lots of juvenile Bald Eagles taking advantage of the salmon feast.....
    image..queenie image ELNYC
    and eagles on the sandbars at dusk.....
    image Bunnybitsimage SharonFeeney
  • Skipper posted a delightful video of a juvenile taking a bath on December 26th.....VIDEO: Juvie Taking a Bath (2:00)
    The juvi's splashing and shimmying is very comical, so Skipper added music .....VIDEO: Splish Splash! (1:54)
  • See photos taken by members visiting the area and more videos and screenshots .....Goldstream Forum


Use the links under the top banner on each page. You can quickly access Live Cameras, Newsletter, Calendar, Gift Shop, Media Gallery and Wildlife News on the HWF site this way. There is also a link to get back to the Discussion Forum if you are over at the main site reading, looking in the Media Gallery, or watching the webcams.


The Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) has many nest builders and we have learned that an eagle's nest is never done. We have observed the eagles bringing and rearranging sticks all through the seasons, even after fledging. And so the HWF needs nest builders to keep adding strength and support.

Bob Chappell

Bob beside the Goldstream Estuary cam...image

Bob Chappell of Victoria, B.C., has been an indispensable Hancock Nest Builder from the beginning. We don’t hear a lot about Bob, but he is always there, working quietly in the background whenever his expertise is needed on the camera equipment.

His specialty in the Canadian Navy was electronics, having worked on sonar underwater installations. A retired Department of National Defense (DND) electronic engineer, Bob has applied his knowledge of electronics for many years to the conservation and preservation of wildlife around the Pacific Northwest. His experience with video cameras to photograph and observe wildlife has given him a reputation as nature’s webcam guru.

His name is associated with many webcam installations. Just recently, a newspaper article showed him installing a camera in an eagle nest at the Milner Gardens and Woodland in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. He is also responsible for other webcams such as the Barn Owl Inventory Project of the British Columbia Field Ornithologists.

Barn Owl perched on shelf at entrance to nest box in Saanichton, 1999.
Note the camera just inside the nest box ... imagephoto: Bruce Whittington

Doug Carrick says that without Bob’s knowledge and helpfulness, the webcam at the Hornby Island eagle nest would never have happened. Since then, Richard Pitt and David Hancock have relied on Bob’s knowledge of webcam technology to help with the installation of the Hancock Wildlife cameras.

Bob created the cameras installed at Goldstream some years ago, working with the Nature House staff to create an interactive observation of the wildlife there, including a view inside a Violet-green Swallow nest and another watching bats in the attic of the Nature House.

The Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera is mounted 500 meters out on the estuary and is remotely operated from inside the Nature House by staff and visitors.
Bob and PTZ, Nature House in background...image

A little Brown Pelican watches the Intertidal webcam being adjusted.
image... imagephotos: Bob Chappell
The video camera is mounted on a pole in the Goldstream River. This is a tidal area. The camera is underwater but, when the tide is fully out, it is out of the water and gives us a different view of the estuary.

New Pan-Tilt Camera, mounted on the river bank to video Black Bears and Otters; bear tracks in the snow, December, 2006.
image imagephotos: Bob Chappell

Installation of the Underwater Camera at the Chehalis River Hatchery at the beginning of October. Bob is pointing out the camera equipment in the vehicle:
image ... imagevideo stills: Keta
Richard: "Thanks to Bob Chappel for his wizardry in creating the waterproof housing for this camera. He has tested it in 50 feet of water and it passed with flying colors."

On August 31, 2007, the Saanich eagle nest Wide Angle and Close Up webcams were cleaned and repositioned in the Garry oak tree. It was hoped that a webcam would be installed in Mom and Dad Saanich's new 'platform nest' in the tall (but dead) Douglas fir tree behind and to the south of the oak tree. The ever-present Bob Chappell was there, preparing to help with this installation.

image image video stills: harrymilt
Bob Chappell; Richard Moore (Director, HWF); Richard Pitt; David Hancock

We may not hear from Bob Chappell, but wherever there are webcams, he is likely to be working in the background, making sure that the cameras are operational, wired for sound, and connected to other necessary electronic devices.

Richard says, “Hancock Wildlife Foundation members and the general public are getting a front-seat view of some of the most fascinating aspects of nature, courtesy of Bob's efforts.”

Bob Chappell is a steady, quiet, Hancock Wildlife Nest Builder. Thanks to him, we get an intimate bird's-eye view of the wonders of nature.

(With thanks to Richard Pitt for information from his articles...Blue Heaven)


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