Eagles Return to Their Nest

Urban Eagle Sightings

By Record Searchlight staff
Originally published 10:17 a.m., December 27, 2007
Updated 10:17 a.m., December 27, 2007

The state Department of Transportation had wired the cone to the nest late last month in an effort to persuade the eagles to move. It was feared that planned construction on the Highway 44 bridge across the Sacramento River would cause the eagles to abandon the nest and their eggs in the spring. After public outcry and the eagles’ reluctance to give up the nest that they built in 2005, the huge black cone was removed Friday.

In the days since, the eagles had been seen close to the nest, but not in it.

“I’m glad they are back,” Tom Balkow, senior environmental planner in Caltrans’ Redding office, said this morning.

Reference Link: http://www.redding.com/news/2007/dec/27/eagles-return-their-nest/

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