Fraser River Safari Tour - Dec 29, 2007

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Special December 29th Tour of Harrison to be guided by David Hancock.  This extra Tour is actually a HWF Tour with part of the proceeds going to the HWF.  I chose this date because generally between Xmas and New Year we have the greatest number of eagles present  -- I suspect we could see 1500 plus.
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Please book Through the Fraser River Safari Tours
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Our Dec 1, and Dec 9th 2007 Trips up the Fraser River to the Harrison and Chehalis were great successes. WE saw close to  600 eagles on Dec 1 and 1182 on Dec 9th and lots of waterfowl and several swans  and seals.
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This tour was sold out but Rob and Jo-Anne Chadwick of Fraser River Safari tours are holding another tour for our eagle followers. And needless to say I will again be the guide and hope to see a number of you there.

The Tour boat is warm and has huge windows so seeing the eagles is easy.  If we get a full load we are apparently able to  get the Kilbly Museum and Cafe to open and they serve an incredible lunch  -- all part of the package.

The trip up the Fraser is in itself quite exciting as Jo-Anne knows the rivers history so well.  We will also likely see a few seals who come up the river to follow the salmon.  Seals that live long periods in fresh water often go blind due to a bacterial growth on their eyelids.  This however does not stop them hunting as they find the fish in the murky Fraser waters by sonar.

If you want to give (or get!!!) a birthday present for a eagleholic this is it!  We will likely see 1000 to 2000 eagles  -- quite a site.

You can call J0-Anne for a reservation at 604 826-7361

While I will be on board for the Saturday  Tour, Dec 29, they have tours throughout the year.  In addition to hoping to see some of you the Fraser River Safari Tours donates part of these tours on which I am "their guide" to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation.

This tour takes you right to the Chehalis Flats where we have the present Live Salmon CAM  -- about 1 mile upstream, to  where we hope to set the "Flats CAM" in the next few days.

Have a good Christmas and hope to see some of you on the river.

DAvid Hancock

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Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, September 07 2014 @ 05:06 AM EDT Fraser River Safari Tour - Dec 29, 2007
This stint pilfers you liberty to the Chehalis Smooths where we experience the introduce Vital Pink COG about 1 mile upstream, to where we faith to determined the "Tastelesss COG" in the ensuing handful ages. couplessexcams
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