Oil Spill ~ Robson Bight

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Environmental groups have cancelled plans to self fiance the underwater investigation of the oil spill in Robson Bight.On Aug. 20 a barge filled with logging equipment spilled 19,000 litres of mostly diesel fuel into this ecological reserve near Telegraph Cove.

The Coast Guard concluded that a fuel truck likely imploded & would'nt be looking any further into it.

Green Peace & others concerned about the harm to the Orcas & damage to the environment raised $40,000 to have a manned submersible to ensure no more fuel is leaking.Now they won't have to, the provincial & federal governments have come up with a cost sharing arrangement to launch an investigation.

The equipment is at a depth of about 350 metres,with the submersible their hoping for a better look at whats going on.The date to start the investigation hasn't been set.

Sarah King, a representative of Green Peace, is pleased the Coast Guard's advice has been overruled. Sarah will be onboard as an observer.

To date there's been no confirmed evidence of harm to the marine mammals.

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