HANCOCK FORUM NEWSLETTER Issue No 3 ~ October, 2007


Issue No 3 ~ October, 2007
Editors: Cobbler39/Blue Heaven


image The Chehalis River Estuary

The salmon are heading up the Chehalis River to spawn!

Go to the Cameras page at the Hancock Wildlife Channel to watch the salmon swimming up the spawning channel. The link to click on is under the picture of a rosy red salmon: .....Hancock Wildlife Channel/Underwater View at Chehalis Fish Hatchery


This is just like having a real live aquarium on your computer monitor, complete with live sound from a microphone hanging over a water cascade close to the camera. At times, peoples voices can be heard near the microphone, muffled by the pleasant bubbling sound of the water.

After a lot of rain, the water can become murky, but usually clears up in an hour or two. HWF is temporarily sharing bandwidth with the Fisheries Office so transmission can be a bit intermittent.

There is a constant procession of salmon of all sizes and colours swimming past the camera, mostly Coho, Sockeye (red) and a few late Spring salmon, as well as the occasional trout. Sometimes those big snouts get right up to the camera. This means that the eagles are not far behind! ...and bears! ...and, well, you know, ...Bigfoot! - because this is Sasquatch country. (To date, there is no evidence that Bigfoot follows the salmon spawning, but why wouldn't he?)

Bigfoot items for sale to raise funds for the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, such as this
Bigfoot Watches Over The Eagles mug imageBH (back of mug)
which can be found at .....HancockWildlifeFoundation/CafePress/Bigfoot Items

There will be two estuary webcams coming soon. They will be installed out on the estuary when the Harrison River and surrounding waters have receded. We will be able to watch the eagles and other wildlife feeding on the spawning salmon. In the past, more than 1000 eagles have been seen in this area on a single day.

The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival will be held on November 17th & 18th, 2007, at an area known as the Tapedira Estates, just to the west of the estuary. David Hancock and Richard Pitt will be there as well as other familiar HWF members who are able to attend.

The 10th Anniversary of the Fraser River Bald Eagle Festival in 2005 was celebrated by the release of a young rehabilitated eagle. See Richard Pitt's story and pictures of this event here: .....Hancock Wildlife Channel/Wildlife News/Tenth Anniversary Celebrated by Eagle Release.

image image
photos: Richard Pitt

During the Festival this year, they will be featuring video taken by hand-held cameras in and around the Tapedira Estates area and are hoping to include interviews and commentaries by local naturalists and conservationists.

image Salmon spawning, Tapedira
photo: Richard Pitt

A VIDEO by Keta is ready for viewing at YouTube .....Installing The Underwater Cam At The Chehalis Fish Hatchery (9:54)
(There are other videos on the same YouTube page showing different aspects of the Chehalis River.)

The Cast of Characters as submitted by Richard:
David Hancock - the reason we all got so wet in the rain
Bob Chappell - creator of the cameras
Richard Pitt - shouting and pointing
Karen Bills - keeper of loose wires from underfoot
and of course Keta - playing herself

Everyone appears to be having great fun in the rain, lowering the webcam with ropes into the channel. The camera is attached to a cement block. David hams it up with what he calls "the fish microphone", making sounds like a gurgling fish!

Go to the Hancock Discussion Forum to see members' comments, screenshots and videos .....Hancock Live WebCams/The Chehalis River Estuary/Discussion and Screenshots & Videos where this VIDEO by beans will have you humming all day .....They Swam & They Swam

The Underwater Cam is now LIVE so you can see what the eagles are anticipating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
__________ more...

imageEagleholic BunnyBits (alias Fishaholic BB) had this to say about Keta's Chehalis VIDEO, "Terrific video! All that work and brain power so we may see those beautiful fish in all their glory! Thanks, guys!!"
image"You cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren" - Jee on Feathered Friendz



Sidney Nest
Lot's of birds exploring the growing green 'Nest Garden'
Perched jays janner Oct 10/Starling janner Oct 09/Stellar's Jay jkr Oct 01
image Visit with bundle of grass
SharonFeeney 10:45am Oct 11

Peregrine Falcon FrodoCam Brisbane, Australia
The fluffy little perlet has been nicknamed Dolly after its Parton-esque bulging crop.
mimiforsix Oct 10
FrodoCam is in the More Wildlife section of the main Index, in .....Other Raptors


WINGBEATS ... image

Hornby Island
Doug Carrick does not plan to have the cameras turned on through the coming winter so it might be March 2008 before we see the Hornby nest again. Doug named the 2007 eaglets after a summer thunderstorm on July 13th. That day, he checked to see how the eaglet was managing with all the lightning and thunder. To his amazement, there was a second set of wings flapping in the nest. Two eaglets!

We were so happy when Doug sent the forum this picture of Mom and Dad Hornby's eaglets, taken July 18th through his telescope. (The camera got blown down in last winter's record winds.)
image Thunder and Lightning


The Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) has many nest builders and we have learned that an eagle's nest is never done. We have observed the eagles bringing and rearranging sticks all through the seasons, even after fledging. And so the HWF needs nest builders to keep adding strength and support to the nest.

Richard Pitt
photo: pacdat.net

Richard is a mainstay of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation. With innovation and dedication, his strong support has helped to build and to hold it all together. Like the eagles, he is always bringing new sticks, constantly rearranging and improving.

Richard has been involved with computer technology since long before his participation in Canada's first ISP, Wimsey.com and first national Internet Service Provider (ISP), iSTAR Internet Inc. His personal computer consulting name for over 20 years has been Pacific Data Capture.

He has also known David Hancock for more than 20 years. David was astounded by the intimate look into an eagle nest that Doug Carrick had captured on his TV and recorded on VCR from a camera in an eagle nest near his home on Hornby Island. In January of 2006, David asked Richard what it would take to connect up a pre-existing camera feed from a nest on Hornby Island to the Internet. At that time, Doug Carrick had a dial-up connection to the Internet.

Richard immersed himself in making this a reality. The result was a revolution in live streaming to the Internet. The Hornby nest and its subsequent replacement of the Sidney nest resulted in more people watching an event on the net at one time over the next few months than ever before - over 25,000 people simultaneously, virtually, and continuously connected to the eagle webcam. Richard made many trips on his bike from his home on the mainland to Hornby Island and later, to the Sidney nest on southern Vancouver Island, maintaining and improving the systems.

Richard arriving on his red Honda Goldwing at the Sidney nest site, July 12th, for Fledge Fest 2007:
photo: Blue Heaven

Since then, cameras have been installed in other locations to bring the Hancock Live Web Cams to fascinated viewers, giving them an intimate view and better understanding of wildlife. This is all part of HWF's mission to increase awareness of the needs of wildlife and, most importantly, how crucial it is to protect and preserve their habitat.

Richard has helped David install cameras in other nests and in some unlikely places like the underwater cams. Some of these are projected for the future, like the Chilkat River and Lynn Canal in Haines, Alaska, but the groundwork has been laid. We have been able to watch at the Goldstream River Estuary, the Stanley Park Heronry, and an osprey nest on the docks in Esquimalt, near Victoria.

In case you think that Richard is all work and technology, his dedication and love for the environment and wildlife has him heading down the highway in the rain to catch an early morning ferry, keeping things running at the cam sites.

Richard is also a self-confessed eagleholic. Who else would have an avatar
like this? ...image


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