Hancock Forum Newsletter - Issue No. 1 - September, 2007


Issue No 1 ~ September, 2007
Editors: cobbler39/Blue Heaven


Welcome to the first edition of the Hancock Forum Newsletter.

I have been toying with the idea of a Newsletter--for a few weeks now, and finally put my idea out to the other Moderators, for their opinions and they all wholeheartedly agreed that a Newsletter would indeed be beneficial to both members of the forum and the moderating team.
I have asked Blue Heaven to be my co-editor, and she has readily agreed. Thank you Blue.
As we roam the forum wearing our moderator hats, we see many items of interest, and we hope to bring those to all of you in the form of this Newsletter. All Mods will assist in gathering the news as they see items of interest throughout the forum.
We envision having a few standard features under headings such as:

Feature Story:

Nest News: (brief update on the nests)

Wingbeats:(Eagle news)

Eagleholics In The News: (This will be your news, as you share your holiday plans, births, operations, death of family members and friends, etc. The moderators will report these items to Blue Heaven and myself as they read your posts,)

Hancock Wildlife Nest Builders: (where we highlight the Bio of a different person each issue)

I hope you enjoy our efforts,
Laura, Cobbler39.

Frodo Cam, Brisbane, Australia
image Peregrine falcon chicks are hatching with the third chick being hatched at 9:26 a.m. Brisbane time, on September 26th. Now there is a mystery - one has vanished, or did it never hatch? Link to Frodo cam.....here Link to forum pages with events and updates from the source.....discussion
Sidney Nest
imageGrass is growing in the nest bowl, awaiting the return of Mom and Dad Saanich. Faithful observers are keeping an eye on the nest and reporting observations.....here

WINGBEATS ... image
Burnaby Eagle Nest
Willpatt is fighting local authorities and a developer's plans to protect the eagle nest that he has documented this past season. This nest successfully fledged two eaglets. Will has been on television and in the local newspaper.....here Richard Pitt has put an article on the Hancock Wildlife Channel.....Let The Eagles Stay
Chehalis River Estuary
David and Richard have been setting up cameras and radios in anticipation of the upcoming salmon run. We expect to see lots of eagles here and Richard says there are bear warnings in the area as they frequent the delta. This is also Sasquatch country! Wouldn't it be something if we spot Bigfoot running past the webcam? Richard said that he and David had lunch at the Sasquatch Inn, just down the road. (For anyone who isn't familiar with Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Hancock House Publishers carries a line of books about them .....here.) For information about the Chehalis River webcams, check out the threads at .....Chehalis River Estuary


wendybacalar 1954 - 2007

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) has many nest builders and we have learned that an eagle's nest is never done. This past season, we watched Dad Saanich bringing and rearranging sticks all through the season, even after Skye had fledged. And so the HWF needs nest builders to keep adding strength and support to the nest.

The HWF has lost a very important nest builder. When Wendy joined the forum, she enthusiastically participated in helping to build a solid foundation for the HWF. She worked tirelessly on the Fundraising Committee (FRC), working on new ideas and eagerly spreading information throughout the forum for members to check out and buy these items.

Wendy took a special interest in the classrooms that were watching the webcams and became HWF's first Teacher Facilitator. She communicated with the teachers and nurtured the Little Scientists' interest and curiosity in the lives of the eagles.

From her home in Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico, Wendy rose before the sun and posted the tides and weather for Saanich in the Observations Log. Members looked forward to her sunrise captures and first sightings of the eagles in the Screenshots thread. Typical of Wendy, she helped with the collection of data on the nest activities.

This past summer, Wendy was part of a group who worked on reviewing and setting up new guidelines for the Observations and Screenshots for the coming season. Wendy played a large role in this. The new Charters and Guidelines were no sooner completed to her satisfaction when Quintana Roo was hit by Category 5 Hurricane Dean in August. We were relieved to hear that her house survived but not surprised to hear through contacts that Wendy was out helping the surrrounding community to recover from the storm damage.

Quintana Roo got power back and Wendy had just come back online when the shocking news of her sudden death struck us all. We lost a beloved member of the forum on September 18, 2007, and the HWF lost one of its strongest supports. We will never forget her contributions in support of the eagles.

Many tributes have flowed in an outpouring of grief over our loss.

A Wendy Memorial Fund has been set up to provide packages of books and materials to the schools in memory of Wendy. Information and how to send donations is .....here.

The Wendy ... messages for her family thread .....here. These heartfelt and touching memorials have been lovingly made into a keepsake album by bociany.
image The Memorial Book will include a CD of videos in Wendy's memory to be sent to her family.

We will not forget Wendy's sunrise captures that welcomed us to each new day on the nest. beans has put them into a video .....Wendy's Eagles.

Wendy was known for her cucumber avatars. She joked how she needed cucumber slices to soothe her weary eyes from staring at the webcam so long and her posts sported various avatars with "cuke eyes", much to our amusement. When Wendy came back online, she was sporting a hurricane avatar with cuke eyes.
image As a measure of our affection for Wendy, forum members have had their avatars "cuked", everything from "cuke eyes" on eagles, cats, dogs, and people, to "cucumber sunrises".

Annette posted pictures of flowers and cucumber slices taken out to the nest site in Saanich with Elle and Ian.
image The flowers were placed at the fence with the nest tree in the background, to the left of the bouquet.

Wendy's Quilt is a collage put together by Skipper of ELFNYC's border of Wendy's screencaptures with an inside border of "cuked" avatars.
clickableimageThe center is a sunrise on the nest adorned by the flowers left at the fence.

Candle Videos - the gratefulness candles lit by members in memory of Wendy have been beautifully compiled into three videos by Skipper.
image .....Fly Precious One (initials A - D)
image .....I Will Remember You (initials E - M)
image .....Your Heart Will Go On (initials N - Z)

. . . . . When the sun rises on the nest in the mornings, Wendy's spirit will inspire us.

~ ~ ~ image ~ ~ ~

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