Let the eagles stay: Burnaby senior

Sunday, September 16 2007 @ 04:01 PM EDT

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One of our Foundation members, Will Patterson (aka willpat) got his name in the local Burnaby, BC paper this weekend with his stand on an eagle nest on property slated for development.

"By Michael McQuillan/NewsLeader

Sep 14 2007

Mario Bartel/Newsleader
Will Patterson says he's worried a plan to develop a vacant lot on Norfolk St., just off Canada Way, will disturb an eagle's nest in a tall cottonwood tree at the edge of the lot.

A Burnaby senior wants to stop a developer from taking out trees on an undeveloped lot that is home to an bald eaglesí nest.

Will Patterson spent much of the spring and summer watching and videotaping a pair of eagles successfully raise their two eaglets. The tree stands in a property slated for development and Patterson would like the city of Burnaby to protect the area by reversing its original decision.

The property is in Broadview Park off Norfolk Street. Itís believed the eagles built the nest in February.

Around the same time, the city OKíd the development plans for a high density four-storey building.

Now that the nest has been discovered, Patterson says thatís a good reason for the city to review the development plans..."

For the full story, please see the Burnaby Newsleader web site

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