New Version 1.5 of Media Gallery plugin for our site

ArchiveWe've just finished updating the Media Gallery plugin for our Channels web site. This new version brings not only some fixes, but also some new features and slightly changed old ones. Please see the documentation on our site for this new version and read on to see what is new.

And of course you should check out our documentation articles for hints and tips on how to use the gallery to its best effects.

What’s New in v1.5.0

Media Gallery has added several new key features in v1.5, below is a quick list of new or enhanced features in this release:

Improved Slide Show Features

Media Gallery now supports three types of slideshows. The original JavaScript slideshow, a cool looking Litebox slideshow and finally an experimental Flash based slideshow with full screen capabilities. There is a small drawback with the Litebox slideshow, the user must manually click to move from one image to the next.

Flash Mini-Slideshow

Media Gallery now includes a neat Flash based mini-slideshow applet that can be embedded in your Geeklog content via an auto tag. Actually the mini-slideshow is very powerful and can be used for all sorts of things.

Embedded Video Support

This allows you to now include video content from sites such as YouTube or Google video in your Media Gallery items. The content is still hosted and streamed from the originating site, but the videos will appear to be fully integrated in your album. You can also use the video auto tag to embed these remote videos into your Geeklog content.

Streaming FLV Support

If you have a streaming Flash Video Server at your disposal, you can now include these streamed FLV files in Media Gallery.

Media Gallery Template / Style Overhaul

There has been a significant amount of effort placed into cleaning up the templates used by Media Gallery. Now, all colors and fonts are controlled via the mediagallery.css style sheet. This should make it much easier to integrate Media Gallery into sites that do not use the Geeklog standard professional template.

Enhanced MP3 Processing

Media Gallery can now automatically extract any embedded thumbnails from MP3 files and use them as the media item thumbnail. Media Gallery also attempts to extract the MP3 title, artist and genre and places these items into the media caption / description fields.

New JUPLOAD Applet

The old JUPLOAD Java upload applet has been replaced by a new, open source, solution that solves all issues working with FireFox 2.0.

Speed / Memory Optimizations

A full code review was performed and several tweaks were made that reduce the overall memory requirements of Media Gallery and have also produced improved performance.

And a whole lot more….

These are just the major feature improvements, there have been several other minor enhancements and additions as well. See the full ChangeLog file in the distribution for more details.

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