Ospreys have "moved on"

Esquimalt Osprey Nest CamerasFollowing is a message from the Esquimalt staff:

Employees at the Esquimalt Graving Dock were hopeful this season that with the return of a pair of Osprey at the nest at the Dock, we'd have another successful season of observing the pair as they nest, breed and have another young.  We watched as they seemed to take to their old nest, built it up (as you may have seen from the footage, they dragged almost anything they could find from the facility up there-rope, rags, gloves, etc.).  They seemed to be quite happy.  We observed them fishing, eating their catch on one of the cranes on site, communicating with one another (including obvious signs of breeding) and fighting for their territory with another pair.  We were hopeful they would stay, and were excited about having this pair spotlighted through the Hancock website.  They are such fascinating birds!  Unfortunately it's appears that they pair has moved on.  There has been no regular sighting of them in "our" nest for a couple of weeks now.  It looks like we won't be able to watch in awe as they raise another young onsite this year, but we're hopeful a pair will return next year, and plan to work with the Hancock crew to have the camera back up and running next year.

We've also been keeping an eye on the activity of Osprey in the area, including a watchful eye on an always active nest just up the road (there has been a pair with young during the past 6 years I've been watching it).  But this year, there is no pair, and very odd behaviour from the Osprey spotted in the area.

Perhaps 2007 just wasn't the year for these birds in this area.  Till next year...

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