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The 2008 Breeding Season is going to be Upstaged by the RIVER CAMS

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The Chehalis River Salmon and Eagle Project will be Live In October.

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Sponsers and Advertisers Needed for New Seasson: Fall 2007 thru 2008

This is a great opportunity to hitch your commercial wagon to a topic that is of huge and growing concern to the world community; the ecology of the world's animal inhabitants and how they reflect on our own interaction with the world.

If your business deals in tourism in general and eco-tourism in particular, our members and many of the anonymous viewers have proven they are interested. If your business deals in technologies that the individual can use to lighten their footprint on the ecology of the world, our viewers want to know about it.

And of course if your business deals in personal computers and other technologies that make our viewers' viewing that much better, we know you'll have a receptive audience. Many of our viewers last season were new to the concept of video on the computer, and many are upgrading their systems now that they've had a taste.

Support our ongoing education of the world to the realities of the wild, advertise with us and support us in whatever way you can.

Advertising rates are a bargain for March - we've lowered them by up to 30% from our normal rates for prepaid commitments. See the rate sheet. Now is the time to act, before the choice spots get taken. Even now, at the beginning of our new season, we have tens of thousands of page-views per day, and the number is rising daily as the word gets around that the birds are back!

We are looking for sponsors for a number of projects, as well as for viewing bandwidth for the general public

Prominent recognition of sponsorships will be given in and around the projects, and sponsorship of viewing bandwidth can even have video recognition.

Projects we are working on include:

  • School oriented work books, text books and visual aids.
  • Specific species and camera location setups, including already identified sites for the White Spirit Bear (Kermode), Osprey, Falcon
  • Ongoing projects for editing and distribution of archive DVDs of prior and current years to schools and libraries
    and many other projects

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