The Goldstream Ecology Center

Goldstream Park CamerasBob Chappell has worked with the staff of the Goldstream Ecology Center to create an interactive wildlife presence. Here are some of his images taken there.

Black Bear footprints, in the snow, along the Goldstream River Bank.

Darren Copley, (Goldstream Manager) & Bob Chappell (, standing at the Remote Controlled, Colour Pan-Tilt Video Camera. It is mounted 500 meters out in the Estuary, remotely Pan-Tilt-Zoomed from inside the Nature House. (viewed in the Background.) The public can operate the camera and create their own video tapes.

This is the location of the underwater Salmon Camera.
In this picture, the river is at full flood.

Looking at the mountain, up the river.

Video Camera is mounted on a pole in the Goldstream River. This is a tidal area. This means that when the tide is fully out, the camera is totally out of the water.

Darren is making adjustments to the camera system. Occasionally logs and branches float down the river. If they hit the pole, the camera can twist or tip, upsetting the view we desire.

Richard Pitt & Darren Copley are assembling a Satelite Transceiver and antenna that is mounted at the Goldstream Marina.

Darren and Richard are preparing to mount the system on the railing. The video is transmitted from the Nature House to a receiver at the Marina, then retranmitted to a house, across the Inlet up on the mountain, then retransmitted from the house via ADSL.

Brown Pelican watching Richard and Darren, mounting the antenna.

Bob & Darren at the house on the mountain.

Darren & Richard mounting Antenna & Transceiver on house.

View from the house, of the Marina across the Inlet.

Nature House from the Marina.

Telephoto view of the Nature House.

New Pan-Tilt Camera, mounted on the river bank to video Black Bears and Otters.

Bob has worked with Darren Copley to put together an impressive array of cameras that the visitors to the Goldstream Ecology Center can interact with and enjoy.

We first met Bob shortly after we learned that he had provided the technology for the camera feed to Doug Carrick's home from the nest across the street in his neighbour's yard on Hornby Island.

Since then, he has helped us install a number of cameras in various nests around the Pacific North West.

The cameras at Goldstream, along with cams at both Darren's home and his own, have provided a number of fascinating videos of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Now, Hancock Wildlife Foundation members and the general public are getting a front-seat view of some of the most fascinating aspects of mother nature, courtesy of Bob's efforts.

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