Hornby Island Update

Hornby Island Nest 2006-2008 While the eagles were on migration, the original camera was raised up a foot to keep up with the eagles adding 6 inches of material to their nest each year. Also, a second camera was installed back further to take in the wider view of the branches surrounding the nest. While up the tree, Jed Young noticed a section of the nest had fallen away but we assume the eagles will fix that up. On October 2, right on schedule, the eagles returned to their territory and, as usual, used their perch trees only - totally ignoring the nest. On October 23, also right on schedule, they had their first examination of the nest and were totally unconcerned about the second camera. By October 27, the eagles were in full swing - adding new branches including a maple with six yellow leaves and a long straight stick which they haven't placed yet, not knowing what to do with it? They also brought a three foot branch with green needles on it. They lay these in the nest waiting for the needles to fall off, then move the twiggy part to the side of the nest. They seem to like these needles for insulation, softness, and possible to fend off parasites? This is their eighteenth year in this same nest - a very rare thing. In a study I made of 14 eagle families over a 6 year period, half of them had moved locations at least once in this time - which makes it difficult to keep track of each family. Will provide up-dates on the Hornby Eagles from time to time. Doug

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Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, July 29 2014 @ 04:27 AM EDT Hornby Island Update
This is their eighteenth year in this equivalent retreat - a much exquisite being. In a examine I made of 14 eagle families across a 6 year era, part of them had moved places at minimum former in this clock - which erects it laborious to reserve trail of per progeny. investing in bitcoin
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Authored by: nedved1000 on Sunday, November 01 2015 @ 03:10 PM EST Hornby Island Update
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