Teachers 2007 LIVE CAM Program


Notes to Teachers for 2007-- 2008 Year:

Plans for Year 2007 -- 2008 Bald Eagle Breeding Season:

1) We will have 3 bald eagles nests with live cameras in them to as reasonably as possible assure you observing of a complete nesting cycle.

2) Nesting Cycle:

--- Jan - February: Nest building

--- Feb 25 - Mar 30: Egg laying

--- April 1- May 5: Hatching:

--- Thru July: Rearing & growth

--- June to Aug: Fledging

3) Support materials:

Books and workbooks:

a) Age: 3 - 7: Bald Eagle coloring & Activity book: 32 pages

b) Grades: 2 -6 Bald Eagle Activity Book: 48 pages

c) Young / Adult: Story of CAMS and Bald Eagle Life Cycle: 96 pages color

d) Adults/ youth: The Bald Eagle of Alaska, BC & Washington 96 pages color

e) Adults/ youth: Benn the Eagle Man: Bald Eagle life history 48 pages color.


a) Hornby Islanld 2005 season: Nest building & hatching: 15 minutes.

b) Benn the Eagle Man: Life History of the Bald Eagle by autistic photographer & naturalist. 55 minutes.

All the above books are available from the Hancock Wildlife Research Center.

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