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Streaming Eaglets — BOOK IDEA:

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Read on for info on how you can help
have been chosen on June 20 as stated – even if the strife this is causing in my company breaks into open warfare. Obviously our ‘kids’ evoke emotions. Some of my staff are so determined that ‘their name’ choice is the only name that they no longer can discuss the issue. I am sorry if brothers are no longer talking to sisters, classrooms ordered into two or MORE camps based on different choice of names, or threats of use of retaliatory names if “their” name is not chosen.

For this I am sorry. For the general interest in the eaglets I am totally thrilled and thankful.

This LIVE EAGLE WATCH program has been a great adventure and I hope it continues. Certainly the failure of the first two eggs to hatch was both a disappointment and yet a great lesson in nature. The current two chicks, at least the smallest one, I first thought would not live. During the first 5 days of watching it, I did not see it get a single feeding. Nothing appeared in its crop and I believed that the parents were having trouble finding enough food and we were about to witness another harsh lesson in nature – fratricide – one sibling killing the other when food was scarce. But great joy. On the 6th day, and almost constantly since, the parents have found a lot more food and the little chicklet has almost fully caught up in growth. The sibling rivalry has subsided. I now fully expect both eaglets to fledge – barring other accidents of nature.

So many children and adults have written thousands of emails and posted 10's of thousands of comments on the forums. Most questions and observations are incredibly astute and profound. Many are questions I even failed to ask myself – what great insite I have gained in following some of the threads and answering the emails sent directly to me.

While I was recently off to Alaska and pondering how to respond to the many requests for a book on the eaglets, their struggles and achievements, it occurred to me that while many books could and should be written on this, a particularly interesting one could focus on the answering the many stimulating questions posed by the eaglets fans.

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MY QUESTION – MY OFFER! I would love to find a volunteer who has been following this CAM and the forums who could select the 100, 200 or more best questions and then I would write a brief introduction on the eaglets life, their basic biology and then specifically answer these questions. When they are answerable!

I would love to have some volunteer editor select the questions and organize them for me. I would not see any expenses on their part other than time. The helpers would get full credits. Hancock House would of course publish the book. Probably with full color.

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POSSIBLE ART ALSO NEEDED: While I would see utilizing any of the color images from the data base that we have captured ((30 frames per second of every moment of every day of the CAM)), or utilizing any of my other thousands of photos on eagles, I would also love to have various artist submit B & W sketches or color art illustrating any interesting behavior or question. If other photographers wished to donate other images that could also enhanse the book. Art their artists out their who have been following this CAM?

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ROYALTIES: While Hancock House will underwrite the cost of the production all the Royalties will be donated to eagle research. It would be very difficult to try and particle up some payments to some and not to all so I am hoping any efforts will be donated.

CONTACT: If you think you can help with this project please contact me at:

David Hancock: – david@hancockwildlife.org Or phone: 800 938-1114

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Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, June 15 2006 @ 07:21 PM EDT Eaglet Book needs EDITOR!
I'm an artist and I've been following this eagle family. I have a sketch waiting for paint that I intended to keep for myself. When its finished, I'll be happy to email an image of it to you.

Patricia Ann Rizzo
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