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Bald Eagle Research: Donations Now Accepted.

Hot to Hornby Is LIVE CAM

Our Streaming Video Site -- which I assume you have been to -- has had an incredible response. In the past few days the site has had over 17 million hits. BUT this is Streaming Video -- a very expensive utilization of band width -- a cost that is coming back to our host server, Infotec. They are now trying to find sponsors to pay for the airtime.

Donations -- for eagle research and public educaton -- can now be sent through our secure server or via VISA, MC or PayPal directly from the home page of or

You can also buy here a copy of Doug Carrick's 2005 season with the Hornby Is eagles -37minutes on DVD or my color book: The Bald Eagle of Alaska, British Columbia and Washington.,/b>

and the direct URL for donations (on the same page) is:

Many people have already offered to donate, and we greatly appreciate this. Until yesterday we did not know how to accept them. We have now just decided (April 10) that my company, Hancock House Publishers Ltd / Hancock Wildlife Research Center, will accept these donations as we have the Visa/MC/PayPal secure accounting abilities to facilitate this.

At this time we cannot offer any tax donation receipt, but we will pass along 100% of the donated funds directly to research and education projects. We presently have a non-profit society with fine-credentialed directors planned. I will be posting a few project details in the near future under: Donations to Eagles Support the Following: (One of the projects will be the WiTS supported projects, the project that Doug and myself have been supporting and that prompted this site.) Others will be added as they are more formaliized -- and funds justify.

Much thanks
David Hancock
Bald Eagle Biologist

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Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, April 18 2006 @ 11:05 PM EDT Eagle Emblem not only US
The eagle is also the emblem of Russia, Romania, Hitler's Germany, Mexico, ancient Rome -- as well as many modern countries. Not only the symbol of the US.
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Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, April 20 2006 @ 03:56 PM EDT Bald Eagle Research Donations
I am viewing the webcam today, April 20 and can hear a lot of background noise, sounding like a chainsaw. The eagle seems to look a little stressed out every time the noise happens. What is this noise and should they be using this at this time - is it stressing them out?
Concerned eagle lovers from YVR
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