Campbell River BC Bald Eagle Festival -- February


Campbell River on Vancouver Island, B.C. initiated a new Bald Eagle Festival in 2006

This new event went off with great success Sunday March 5, 2006.

This first of what will surely be an annual event was expected to draw 150 people -- 660 were pounding on the door to get in.

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Further Details on the Campbell River 1st Bald Eagle Festival:

Fortunely the Curator of the very beautiful facilities where it was held, the Heritage Center in Campbell River, was on hand and opened up the extra area to appear the Fire Marshall and the enthuiastic crouds.

The most welcome guest was the pair of wild bald eagles that perched throughout the day on the perch tree overlooking the Heritage Center entranceway --- we took this a very positive omen.

Other quest speakers included Terri Martin talkling about the incredibly good count that yeilded a grand total of 388 eagles (Details below), Doug Carrick who presented, twice by popular demand, his incredible video on the nesting behavior of bald eagles, and me talking on the bald eagle biology. Doug has a live camcorder feed into his livingroom from the nest above his house. We are about to have this feed available to the world over this web site. At this time (march 17) we are having a few glitches with the Telus line -- it keeps stopping transmission but we are persisting.

We were also treated by Maj Birch of the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society who sponsored the Festival to further background on eagles, the negative and positive stories that come from the need to rescue them and the satisfactions coming from seeing them released in good health. What a job she and her volunteers do in association with OWL, the large eagle rehabilitation center in Delta BC.

Another surprise quest was it>"Harrison" the beautiful demure female bald eagle from the Harrison river / Fraser River area east of Vancouver-- the home of the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival. She was caught flirting with a Campbell River male eagles -- all nesting and presumable faithful, and promptly told to go home. She flew off but not before impressing the Campbell River residents that the Fraser Valley contains attractions beyond mere description! Earlier she was caught is similar circumstances, so I am told, with male eagles of the Chilkat River region of Alaska. Perhaps we have a 'roving lady' in our midst.

Numerous fine exhibits, including a live eagle visiting from Chilliwack, were on display and for photography. It was incredible to see so many youngsters so awed by the close proximity of the huge magnificant eagle. Awesome!

It was a great day and while I have attended many Bald Eagle Festivals, the Campbell River Bald Eagle Festival is memorable in the total enthiasm shown not just by the participants, including all the fine exhibitors on local conservation groups (an incredible educational awareness to most festival visitors and craft makers of eagle items, but by the warmness of the audience.

Congratulations Maj and your fine support group on a job superbly done.

WE all look forward to next years festival. "Harrison" and I, two mainland intruders, hope we get invited back. Maybe Chilkat from Haines Alaska -- a verturesome and eligible male may make it down next year. Thanks from the eagles and their supporters
David Hancock PS: if anybody has photos from the Campbell River Bald Eagle festival I would be pleased to post them here -- I was so busy talking & answering questions that I did not take pictures -Sorry.

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