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Below are some comments on the eagles struggles for privacy -- 2006 Hi everyone, This is a picture of the eagle in the nest at 2:18 pm this afternoon. (March 20) I was up there with my neighbour and an environmental consultant for Kiewit was up there then too. I went up again at 3:10 pm and watched the eagle in the nest again. That time I took good pictures on my big camera with a better telephoto lens. There were numerous people from Kiewit there too and they were there with the equipment to install the solar panels and hook up the camera. There was a lot of talk about whether the cherry picker would flush the eagle from the nest. As it turned out, they were missing a part and couldn't install the equipment but were talking about doing it tomorrow.

March 20, 2006

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RE: ---- Ansell Place Eagles ---- Update:----

This site can be used by anybody to post comments, interesting observations or concerns etc about either this specific Ansell Place Bald Eagle nest or the otber eagle nests being disturbed along the Squamish route due to the Highway Expansion. If you have other interesting observations or concerns or interesting photos about other bald eagles nesting in the Greateer Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) or the adjacent Fraser Valley please address these concerns to the FORUM named: Bald Eagles: GVRD - Fraser Valley Concerns on this same web site..

Images taken during breeding season 2004-2005 by Susan Cameron's som


WE welcome comments and observations through the "Comments" section. I would even love to find someone out there with a bit of time to oversee this Forum, help find answers to questions and even help me coordinate Bald Eagle Nest locations in the GVRD and Fraser Valley -- mentioned above. Please call or email me.


Ansell Place Bald Eagle Nest Update:

(I have decided to answer the local concerned citizens last questions and concerns though this new Forum as this might be useful for others to follow and to enable the concerned group a common posting site. If or how this can develop will largely be up to those concerned and how effectively they can use this forum. I am most open to your suggestions. Please comment.

The 2006 details of disturbance at the site and opportunity to comment are --------------

2006 Bald Eagle Nesting Season Concerns: Highway Construction:


---- Below hopefully somebody will provide some background on these eagles nesting history. Perhaps they could summarize for those just now learning about the disruption from the Highway expansion, more details on the other nests affected etc. Who knows some of these details? Please comment and post.


Jan 14/06br> Thanks for the update on the 2006 Nesting Season. I appreciate being on the list. And below are my comments.
David Hancock, Biologist
Eagle Watch

I have of course mixed feelings on this Bald Eagle Nesting Disturbance

1) TEMPERED SADNESS: It is sad to be doing any disturbance around this nest at all BUT I cannot see the justification of this nest site stopping the highway expansion.

2) MITIGATION AND COMPENSATION: the questions then revolve around

---- (a) -- reducing the impact around the nest at key times. (October through March if nesting is being attempted and them if nesting is successful through to the end of chick rearing in Aug.

---- (b) -- getting some kind of mitigation and compensation that can be more generally applied to bald eagle nesting habitat or nest tree protection elsewhere. This new area could hold more eagles for returning to this area when the current road work is finished.

---------- ANNUAL DISTURBANCE FEE: A good start would be to put $5000 or $10,000 fee for a seasons disruption into the eagle fund per year of disturbance. This could be a fine method of government / private builders assisting in the long term maintenance of eagle habitat.

---------- TOTAL NEST LOSS FEE: if the nest tree is destroyed or the surrounding habitat so destroyed that nesting in the near future (1-2 Years) is impacted, due to construction then we should be seeking something like a $100,000 total claim. That would cause some concern, underscore the environment impact to area of that tree and its surrounding ecosystem, (effect on woodpeckers, tree creepers etc.) and give a financial measure as to why we all live here -- it is for the beauty, the wildlife and the weather. For government or private citizens to feel that have NO responsibility to maintaining these contributing attributes, of which an eagles nest is a very fine indicator, is simply not acceptable. We have long ago established social responsibility to each other in the community as determined by zoning codes and bylaws. Perhaps getting more teeth into them -- and at least forcing discussion on the issues is where good time is spent. Your group is pioneering this resident responsibility. THANKS

3) Biggest Disturbance: CAMERAS: I assume that these cameras are to monitor that no one bothers the eagles. This COULD be a good and positive concept but only if certain cautions are observed. If any trees overlooking the nest (or of course the nest tree itself which is most important) is climbed and the climber is seem by the eagle then there is HIGH likelihood of nest abandonment. The nest trees or nearby trees should only be climbed after nesting (late Aug through early Sept) and before the birds return from what is becoming shorter absent period. Cameras posted overlooking the general area but not necessitating nest disturbance would be excellent.

David Hancock
Eagle Biologist.

Below is the letter I received from David Cook that prompted by comments above:

Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 15:18:46 -0800 (PST)
From: david cook
Subject: Fwd: FW: Ansell Place Eagles
To: David Cook and group of concerned citizens

This is the official response I got.
David C

"Willcox, Michael ENV:EX" wrote:
From: "Willcox, Michael ENV:EX"
To: David Cook:
Subject: FW: Ansell Place Eagles
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 10:44:42 -0800

David, (Cook)

Ross Vennesland asked me to respond to your inquiry. I contacted the project's Environmental Manager, Andrew Allan, and he provided me with the following information. " The pullout near Ansell Place is being used as a storage site for large rock. There is a fill designed for either side of the pullout with the pullout itself becoming part of the future road. We are still working out the schedule for construction but PKS is fully aware of the restrictions around the eagle nest and will abide by all commitments regarding construction within the area. Cameras are being installed near all nest trees. "

Please contact Andrew if you require clarification of his comments. In future, it would be appreciated if you could first contact Andrew (office: 604-629-5290, cell: 604-315-3265, e-mail for similar inquiries. Contact us if you have any concerns about the information he provides you.

Mike Willcox, B.Sc., P.B.Dipl.
Ecosystems Biologist
Environmental Stewardship
Ministry of Environment
Lower Mainland Region
10470 152 Street
Surrey BC V3R 0Y3
tel: 604.582.5200
fax: 604.582.5305

-----Original Message-----
From: david cook []
Sent: January 8, 2006 10:13 PM

Subject: Ansell Place Eagles

While leading my annual Sea-to-Sky geology car-stop tour for the Vancouver Natural History Society today I noticed two bald eagles flying above Lions Bay. I wondered if they were the Ansell Place pair preparing to nest again. During my return home this evening I stopped by the nest site and was shocked to see huge piles of large rocks covering most of the pull-out above the nest. Obviously the highway engineers have not completed their work. I fear the rock will be used to widen the highway at this point and will end up down the slope at the base of the nest tree or that there will be major disturbance in the area. Will highway work once again be done near the nest site during the sensitive nesting season? Could someone clarify this?

David C

========= end of letter from David Cook ===================

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Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, March 17 2006 @ 08:54 PM EST Ansell Place Bald Eagle Nest - CONFLICT
What our little group that was formed to save this nest would like to see is a plan that would stop the road work around the nest untill the eagles that are on the nest as I write this have a chance to fledge their young in late August.According to David H. there are eagles around the province that are on eggs. We have pictures of the Ansell place eagles on the nest taken yesterday, so....
Last year, in our opinion,there was so much activity around the site the eagles failed to hatch an egg at least that's what we think. There were no guano streaks on the side of the nest as there was the year before so that if there were young then they didn't get very big.
Kiewit and Sons, the construction company have parked a huge pile of bolders beside the nest and if they start talking them away that would be enough to stop the nesting activity,I am fairly sure.
We would like to see the area around the nest left alone untill September to allow these guys to get a brood off. If we can do this the nest is saved. This is not too difficult a thing for K and S to do, they are a very capable construction company, I am sure they can plan around the problem.
We will send David H. some pictures so they can be posted. Please noet the date of this article is wrong


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