Free Illustrated Talk on Bald Eagles


Offer of Free* Illustrated Talk: ---- The Bald Eagle: A Retrospective - A Future

David Hancock, biologist and publisher, is pleased to address your group with a well illustrated slide lecture on the west coast bald eagles – their conservation and biology.

This brings together his ‘earlier life’ researching on eagles on the west coast via foot, aricraft and boat, his recent travels covering his current eagle studies along the Washington, British Columbia and Alaskan coasts.

David covers;

---- bald eagle biology – he dispels a number of eagle myths.

---- the recent invasion of eagles into SW B. C. & NW Washington State.

---- the Urban eagles that are now nesting on made-made structures.

---- the best viewing areas in the NW and the various Bald Eagle Festivals

---- he reviews the habitat requirements should you want to encourage more eagles – even to making artificial nests.

You specify the focus of your interest and I will focus the info.

For illustrated lecture contact:

David Hancock

Hancock Wildlife Research Center

19313 Zero Avenue,
Surrey BC Canada V3S 9R9


1431 Harrison Avenue
Blaine WA USA 98230

604 538-1114 Fax 604 538-2262

* I happily accept an honorarium to cover the travel!


Photo of David Hancock on the Chilkat River AK by Glen Browning

The above book gives you a succinct summary of the biology of the Bald Eagle. If is fully illustrated in color and we give discounts on classroom sets.

For more details on David Hancock biography:

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