Do You Want a Bald Eagle Nest in Your Yard?

Bald Eagle Biology

Bald Eagles: ----- Constructing Artificial Bald Eagle Nests to Expand Nesting Range

The Bald Eagle has invaded the Vancouver BC urban area. In the past years, lacking adequate tall trees sturdy enough to support their bulky nest, the eagles has started to nest in man-made structures.

Do you want a Bald Eagle Nest in Your Yard? In your neighborhood Park?

If so we can now put it there!

The Urban Environment is very Productive:

It is my prediction that more eagles, particularly the offspring fledging off of these man-made structures, will search for similar structures when they mature.

If so, planning on where to place the nest, and what specificlly meets the eagles requirements is now a possibility. We should be able to put eagle nests where they are wanted and where the eagles can therefore have a safe habitat.

This option now offers the opportunity for bringing eagles back to areas where we have totally destroyed the suitable trees. We simply replace the tree with a pole and supporting nest structure.

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City Eagles Eat Well

My recent studies of the urban eagle have revealed that the city eagle is incredibly versitile. It is common to see the eagles road hunting at dawn -- looking for the nights road kills. Food in the Greater Vancouver area appears to be very abundant as our city eagles are producing an average of 2 young per nest -- compared to wilderness nesting eagles who only average 1 young per nest.

Vancouver BC Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Nest Locations

This study, started in 1998, picks up where I left off eagle studies in 1969. Bald Eagles, now totally habituated to city life have invaded greater Vancouver and probably over 300 pairs nest in the lower Fraser Valley, at least 200 pairs within the Greater Vancouver City.

Starting in the breeding season of 2003 the eagles started to occupy man-made structures, Micro and Power towers. This new behavior will undoubtedly expand the bald eagle opportunities for nesting throughout urban areas.

Do you know of an eagles nest? If you know of an eagles nest in your area please let me know particularly try and determine how many young fledge each year.

Do you want an eagles nest in your yard? If you live along a waterway it is now possible for us to put into place an artificial nest tree and nesting platform.

Contact: David Hancock, Research Biologist


19313 Zero Ave
Surrey BC, Canada V3S 9R9
604 538-1114

USA: 1431 Harrison Ave
Blaine WA USA 98230
800 938-1114


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If you want to catch up on Bald Eagle biology then I recommend the following book:
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The Bald Eagle in Alaska, BC and Washington. By David Hancock

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If you are a Bald Eagle enthuiast (and you have to be to get this far!!!) then I also recomment you try and take in:

Bald Eagle Festivals: Summary of Washington, British Columbia and Alaska Festivals is presented with counts, maps etc. The basic data is available in available in the above book. This annually updated infor is available at:

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