Rare eagles: A tryst in the Making?



Chilkat -- and -- Harrison --- A great couple eh!

January 26 -- 2006 UPDATE:

Its murmored that "Harrison" will be seaching the flocks of eagles at the Campbell River Bald Eagle Festival Sunday Jan 5 -- for Chilkat



The report, from unnamed sources, is that a very large and striking female (sex is presently only determined by the size!) bald eagle that frequents the Chehalis-Harrison River systems of the Fraser River British Columia area, has a secret relationship going on with a handsome -- perhaps more aptly described as scruffy --- male (again sex only really noticable by the small bill) bald eagle of the Chilkat River system of the Haines Alaska region.

In view of the other recent sighttings and photographs of a very unusual eagle on the Chilkat (see the Story in this Forum: Unknown Eagle in Alaska ) nothing about eagles and eagle behaviour seems impossible.

If yoiu have anything to add on either this unusal relationship or progress of this "tryst" or other photos on unusal eagles please read on and forward us any stories or examples. These photos need not necessarily be of offspring from this pair -- were not yet suggesting the relationship has gone this far.

The handsome male, now dubbed "Chilkat" by the press, who appreared in the Chilkat about 5 years ago, possible before full maturity, appears on the left, while the fully mature "Harrison" appeared last year just before the breeding season. By all reports she is hot to trot!

I understand immigration authorities on both sides of the border are monitoring this relationship as the one thing both courtries don't want to encourage -- at least so the laws state -- is that romantic and certainly conjugal visits take place across international borders if the right paperwork is not filled out first. The problem is that nobody can decide what the correct paperwork is.

Others have suggested that Chilkat is not up to the full size of the larger Alaskan birds. But waht does this mean? Is he inferior? Is he not up to being the mate of A prime British Columbia female? I guess only time and more close observation will tell.

"Chilkat" ... and ... "Harrison"

The habitat of Chilkat seems to be the environmens of the American Bald Eagle Foundation Museum grounds. Harrison does not yet seem to have focused on a home territory and has been seen working the Harrison Flats and many school grounds of the area. Is she scavenging lunch snaks? Or just resting after gourging on the Chehalis-Harrison salmon! This is certainly also something that should be watched -- preferable from the Eagle Point Viewing platform next to Tapadera -- and just north of the Harrison Rliver bridge.

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