10 Years – an Eagle's Milestone

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Ten years of live streaming eagles should be a fully wonderful achievement -- but it has come with a great loss.  Our first year of broadcasting the Hornby Island eagles and then Ma & Pa of Sidney, BC was immediately followed by the emergence of thousands of eagle supporters.  How were we to manage what turned out to be the world's largest visited web site in 2006?  The technical challenge was met by Richard Pitt and his techy friends, but we  soon learned that what was the world's largest single group of web followers, was also filled with pornographers, religious and political pretenders and predators.  We needed hundreds of web monitors and more on the ground to help meet the opportunities to address schools etc.  From this need blossomed our 'Eagleholics'¯, our web monitors and eventually our whole web of volunteers who maintain our website, monitor the Forum content, our Zoomers who so faithfully follow every bird with wide and closeup views to best show us the world of eagles and our key local crew to correlate and attend the steady stream of educational functions.  Our local supporters  have expanded the meaning of this word to new heights -- we absolutely depend upon key people in Eastern US and Canada, in California, in the UK and around the world -- 'Eagleholics' are totally worldly¯. So so wonderful.

At the local level, in the Greater Vancouver and Victoria areas, we had really special people come and organize our local events.  One of our first teams of supporters were Terry and Alan Baker.  It was Terry who organized our first FledgeFests, gathered and pasted up the first promotional boards that the Hancock Wildlife Foundation supporters used at schools and displays, was so supportive in distributing our brochures and fundraising campaigns to keep us broadcasting the cams.  Sadly Terry has recently passed away from compilations of some long-time challenges.  What is more disturbing is that Alan is dreadfully ill as well.  I, and I know all of you, pass along our sympathies to the Baker family and wish Alan well.  I recognize how so many of us fully believe in the 'Spirit of our Eagles' and I am certain one will carry the best messages and high-minded wonderfully generous thoughts of Terry. Her tag line on her signature forum post read: 'I came for the eagles and I stayed for the friends I made.'  JudyB and others have already established a fund for a nest dedication – a continuing memory of a wonderful soul.

With loving warm memories,

David Hancock on behalf of our HWF Eagleholics.

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