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Established by DAVID HANCOCK in 2006 to broaden his at that time more than 50 years of lecturing and teaching about wildlife and conservation, to include the web, the Foundation's mandate is to use the Internet in general and live streaming wildlife video in particular to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship. In David's words, "Our first live cameras reached and taught more people in a 4 month period than I had in all my years of lectures combined. This is the way of the future." 

David Hancock

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Bald eagles in Redding, California near Sacramento River

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Here at Hancock Wildlife Foundation, we have a discussion forum thread for these Redding bald eagles.  You can follow them throughout the year here:



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Exceptional HWF Projects

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Hancock here:  Some projects seem to offer more return than others and only rarely do exceptional projects come along.  Those of you who have followed the HWF efforts over the past years will recall the month long tour of schools we organized to take Grand Chief Dr. Rose Charlie and me to talk about “With Rights come Responsibility” and “The Bald Eagle in Spirit & Reality” by Rose and me respectively back in 2007.
The Bald Eagle Café evolved from this same incidence.  We wanted ways to increase the value of Bald Eagles to the public and for the pubic to appreciate the roles of eagles in the ecosystem.  The creation of the Bald Eagle Café, an interpretative center where school kids and adults could sit in a blind where eagles have been conditioned to feed, seemed to offer lots of opportunity.  Finding the perfect location on the Sts’ailes lands gave more potential.  I have defined the Sasquatch Crossing Bald Eagle Café in more detail elsewhere.
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Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival 2014 Promo Video

Festivals and Fun

Here's the PSA (public service announcement) that has started running on some of our TV stations promoting our Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival on Nov. 15 and 16.


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Season of the Eagles and Salmon Video

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For those of you who have not yet seen the latest promotional video from Christian Sasse for this year's Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, Nov. 15 and 16, here it is:



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Bald Eagle Viewing Sites at Harrison Mills

Festivals and Fun

Please honor the feeding & resting eagles by keeping off the Chehalis Flats Bald Eagle Preserve.  Harrison Mills, BC, and more specifically the alluvial fan of the Chehalis River as it runs into the Harrison River, is the home of the largest wintering population of bald eagles in the world. Annually from November thru December and sometimes into February, 1,000 to 10,000 eagles can be seen on the flats and along that section of the Harrison River valley. Harrison Mills is the world capital of wintering eagles and is only a 50 mile drive from Metro Vancouver, the Bald Eagle Nesting Capitol of the World.


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